Hi all,

Blogging at Romance Bandits Monday about the big sale.  (No, not the one at JC Penney’s)  LOL.  Stop by if you get a chance.


Hugs and have a great week!

And since my webmaster is probably the only person on the planet who will actually read this, hugs handsome man!

Kay, I have a new infatuation with Colin Firth.  Going to watch Bridget Jones’s Diary for the seventh time this week.  Squee!





  1. Tez Miller Said:

    Silly me – just went to the Romance Bandits blog to find your post wasn’t there. I’d forgotten you live in the past, and that it’s still Sunday where you are 😉 (While it’s Monday right now – 1:09PM, actually.)

    Anyway, your webmaster’s not the only person reading your blog here 😉

  2. darynda Said:

    Ah, thanks, Tez!!!! Wow, it’s nine pm here. I live in the past. Funny!

    And thanks for reading my blog!!!
    I owe you a signed book, girl!
    Don’t let me forget when it comes out. In a year and a half. Sigh…


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