THE BIG SALE!…no, not the one at JC Penney’s.

Here are the announcements!  (Squee!)

*From Publisher’s Weekly 8/24/09 issue:

SMP Goes ‘Grave’ Digging

St. Martin’s Jennifer Enderlin landed North American rights, with a six-figure pre-empt, to a new series by Darynda Jones. Jones, an RWA Golden Heart winner, has signed to do three books about a female PI who moonlights as the angel of death. Alexandra Machinist at Linda Chester brokered the deal; the first book is called First Grave on the Right.
*And from Publishers Lunch Weekly (8/24/09)

RWA Golden Heart winner Darynda Jones’ FIRST GRAVE ON THE RIGHT and two subsequent novels featuring a heroine who is a private investigator and has a side job as a grim reaper, to Jennifer Enderlin at St. Martin’s, in a six-figure deal, in a pre-empt, by Alexandra Machinist at Linda Chester (NA).





  1. Pamela Cayne Said:


    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I saw your sale on Publisher’s Marketplace yesterday and spent most of last night torn between happiness for you and raging jealously! Seriously, that’s fabulous and your series sounds very exciting. I’m looking forward to watching your climb up the publishing ladder. Best of luck!


  2. darynda Said:

    Thank you so much, Pam!!! And it is a fine line, huh? Trust me, I’ve felt that way for years. Seeing it from this side of the fence is nicer. LOL!


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