Winner of the 2009 Golden Heart® for Best Paranormal Romance for her manuscript FIRST GRAVE ON THE RIGHT, Darynda can’t remember a time when she wasn’t putting pen to paper.  She’s literally been writing since before she could write.  When she was five, she would pick up a pencil and notepad, scribble a story onto the page and ask her mom to read it.  Thankfully, her mother would play along.  Later, she wrote plays for the neighborhood kids to act out.  Her plays were similar enough to Cinderella to invite a lawsuit.  Thankfully, Disney never caught wind of her productions.  For the most part, nobody caught wind of them.  She rarely had an audience. 

She wrote her first manuscript in high school, though she never quite finished it.  Then, like so many others, she lost the dream for a few years.  It still burned inside her, but the daily grind got in the way and she decided to give it up and get on with her life.  But as everyone knows, quitting something so visceral simply isn’t that easy.  She started writing seriously again in 2002.  Three complete manuscripts later, she won a 2009 Golden Heart, landed an amazing agent and sold to St. Martin’s Press in a three-book deal. 

Darynda lives in the Land of Enchantment, also known as New Mexico, with her husband of more than 25 years and two beautiful sons, aka the Mighty, Mighty Jones Boys.


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